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Gunfire Rockets - Viva la Revolución ?

Hi everyone, this is Fidel, from NASE (Nice AirSoft Equipe). Today I'll share with you the review of a new product, sent to us by Gunfire.

It's a new brand of bbs called the Gunfire Rockets that are being announced as a small revolution in the airsoft world, since they are high quality and at low price.

I didn't find (or couldn't, that's possible) a review of those bbs on a french website. So I emailed Gunfire, and after a phone call and a few days, I received the samples. By samples I was pretty sure to get one or two 300 bbs packs...let's see what they sent :


I - The package :


Once unpacked...the least I can say is that there will be plenty of things for everyone !
So while it's true that our team has many members, they went through a lot of trouble and sent way more than we asked ! But let's get back to the bbs, shall we ?
Nice little touch, behind the package there's a list to which you can refer, telling you which weight would be more advisable for your replica FPS. That's not necessary, but it's welcome.


II/ The Good, the Average, and the Unknown (and the Forgotten One) :

Now for the bbs themselves. in our team we use the following brands ::

- P&J from Taiwangun : .20g & .25g, 5.95mm/+-0.02mm...and while not the most accurate out there, for less than 10 €/4000 it's still acceptable.
- Gold Fire : .20g. Average bbs, far from perfect, but since you can find them everywhere, they are here in case you don't have anything else anymore. Around 10 €/3000.
- Kyou : .25g BIO, 5.95mm/+-0.01mm. Good bb, very accurate. But 15 € is a bit expensive.
- Gunfire Rockets : 5.95mm/+-0.01mm, bio/non-bio, available from .20 to .36 (not all weights have a bio version), at an interesting price since it's between 5.3 € & 9.5 € for 1kg (depending on the weight).


III/ Numbers, oh the numbers...

Theory is nice, but let's get some numbers.


I tested 5 bio et 5 non bio bbs, but since results were very similar to those above (between 5.94 and 5.96), I didn't take a picture of all of them.

Looking at the bio bbs, according to Gunfire, they are colored in such a way that animals will not mistake them for food, and degrade over 3 months under laboratory conditions. So you might have to wait a little longer in real life situation to see them disappear.



IV/ Release the Kraken ! ehrrrrr...The cracking tool !

On the package, it's written that the bbs are going through a slow cool-down process, so it helps with air bubbles inside the bbs. Let's check that right now (green bbs are the bio ones).


Very good looking ! Few air bubbles in the non-bio version, but perfectly centered so it shouldn't be any trouble when shooting. Looking at the bio version, there is absolutely no bubble. Maybe it's luck ? Anyway, upon cracking the bio version up, they look a lot like the Kyou version, and could explain the accuracy of both brand.


V/ Where you learn to prepare for a review.


So, anyway, pictures are nice and all, but what about real action ? Here's Oscar, our favorite human-sized target :-) (1m70).

For the review, we asked all the members who could come up to the range to do so, and took all the replicas available. Beginner's mistake. The less people around, the best it is. To begin with we planned on making a video review, but we ran into so much troubles directing everyone, that we had to postpone that.

Note to self :

1/ 30 meters. It's not that far, but it's still too far to get real accuracy out of most of the replicas we're using. Oh sure we can hit the target, but it's not really good for showing accuracy of the bbs. Thanks cheap replicas.

2/ Red dots. Those things are always "deadly accurate" until there's a camera involved. Then all hell is breaking loose, and while you are able to hit a head at 40m withouth problems, you can't hit an A3 paper sheet 30m away.

So while we had to rethink the review, we still got to play around with the bbs, and everyone fired at least 2 magazines.

First surprise ? Every hop up had to be set to a lower setting. This bb is a real rocket (pun intended) and was flying away, while on the same settings the Taiwangun and Kyou bbs were just flying straight. But no biggie. Less hop is good right ? That means less force put on the bb ? So straighter trajectories ?

Second surprise ? It flies damn straight. It has the accuracy of the Kyou bbs, and isn't comparable in any way to the P&J or Goldfire bbs. I've never seen so many people getting frags. Even the worst replicas we have could hit someone. And in prevision of the tests, I mounted a scope on my M14 to check out the path flight of the bbs. Same here, very straight and very constant trajectory. Me liky.


VI/ All set ? GO !


Now, as for the target testing by itself.

This time at 15m, with replica hold still by a tripod, and with a M4 from APS (400fps/6.03/375mm barrel).

First of all, never EVER buy a red dot that costs 20 € if you want to do some target shooting. The damn dot couldn't be zeroed in like it should have. Firing at 40m is okay with it. 15m bbs were just hitting high. So I had to adjust that by taking a visual aid (bottom of the cross) and aim the point at it for every test. Hopefully it worked out pretty well, and beside one time where I jilted the trigger, everything went fine. Anyway...

While we could have fired some bbs at a greater range, I don't think it's that useful to tell people "oh great, I could hit the target X times with Y brand of bb". I think the grouping is more representative of a bb quality.

Now, 10 bbs per kind, M4 on semi-auto.
As for the Rockets .25 bio, please don't take in consideration the lower left shot. It's on this one that I jilted the trigger, enough to give this result. By honesty, I didn't want to do the shooting again, but beside this little incident, we have a very good group.
So, either the accuracy of the shots is getting better as time goes by (that could be), or the Gunfire Rockets Bio are above everything else. Just look at the .2g results. I think that the slow coold-down process is working extremely well on those. Just look at the right target. Amazing results. I'm even surprised that the grouping is almost as good as the .25g Bio (if you remove the jilting part).

VII/ Results, and personal thoughts :

Except the GoldFire brand (which we shall not talk about anymore, nor pronounce the name, that's bad omen), every bb we tested landed on target. That by itself is nice enough, especially if you remember that I had to adjust my shots. Okay it's still 15m. I should hit this target with my eyes closed ;-)

Though, we can quickly see that even if the accuracy of Kyou's, P&J's and Gunfire Rockets is good, there's a consistency coming from the latter that is clearly showing. So now I have bbs that are as good as, if not better than, the Kyou, my personal favorite, for a fraction of the price ?

Well, after the saturday afternoon airsoft session, where we used the Rockets for the first time, I have to say that yes, they are that good. I could hit someone without problems at maximum range of my AEG (which is 55m, measured with the telemeter). That's something I could only do with the Kyous, and couldn't even dream of with the P&J bbs, since they are so floaty.

Looking for highly precise bio bbs for our team, and since we like to keep a bit of money for the rest of the stuff, we thought we could find a bit of a compromise with the Gunfire Rockets. We were very wrong. Those do not sacrifice quality for price, and they will fire as straight as you replica can, no doubt about it. Our quest has come to an end with the Rockets.

So of course there might be higher grade bbs, but are you willing to pay around 20 € for it ? I know we're not.

I hope this replica will make you want to try out those bbs, they are worth it and you can't go wrong with them. Please keep in mind that this was our first review, and while not perfect we still tried to give you the best we could.

Constructive criticism will be more than welcome (either with the contact page, or our youtube channel), and we hope to see you again soon for another review !




We are grateful to for letting us review those bbs, and sending us the samples. Take care guys !

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